How to Choose a Rug

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  • Rug is a piece of art on the floor and becomes the visual point in a room. 
  • Adds life to solid furniture & Adds warmth in a hard surface room. 
  • Can create an additional sound barrier 
  • Protects furniture and flooring. (Always use a rug pad under a rug).


  • A Rug often sets the tone and is the focal point of a room. An incredible add-on sale as it completes the “look”. 
  • Color and design fit personality and style. There is also seasonality. 
  • Styles include: Traditional, Transitional, Solids, Geometric, Contemporary, and Casual


  • Determine how the product will be used. 
  • Don’t forget that Indoor/Outdoor products can also be used inside and are perfect for busy families/kitchen areas/ etc. as they are easy to clean. 
  • High Traffic areas require different fibers/constructions than less traffic areas. Also keep in mind textures, colors etc. Many rugs must be professionally cleaned. 
  • Although Wool extremely durable, if allergies exist, a synthetic fiber may be a better option.


  • We encourage people to lay out with tape or create newspaper templates on their floor to get a size visual. 
  • A good rule of thumb in a room is to leave 15” - 18” of bare floor exposed when considering a large size rug. 
  • Popular dining room sizes include: 5’x 8’ (4 chairs), 8’ x 10’ (6 chairs), 9’ x 12’ (8 chairs). A good rule of thumb is to leave 20” on each end of table to allow chairs to be pulled out. 
  • Popular living room sizes include: 5’x 8’ (in front of grouping), 8’ x 10’ (front feet from furniture on rug) or 9’ x 12’ (all furniture on rug). 
  • Frame Your bed when laying down an area rug in your bedroom; it should extend 36? or so all around the bed. Alternatively, it could extend just on the sides, leaving the foot of the bed directly on the floor. 
  • Another option is to angle the bed on the rug to accommodate a smaller rug space. Standard sizes: 8' x 10' (queen), 9' x 12' (king). Runners are also a good idea and can be used on either side and/or at the foot of the bed. 
  • Always remember...larger rugs give the illusion of a bigger room, whereas a smaller rug in a large room will get lost.